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I am an eye
I am a mechanical eye
I, a machine, am showing you a world
The likes of which, only I can see

-Dziga Vertov

Androgynous little red riding hoods )
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It's been a long time since I've seen this.

I believe I was 12 when I first saw Galaxy Express 999, back when the Sci-Fi channel showed something remotely interesting. Fresh into my Sailor Moon phase, I was willing to watch just about any film that was animated and from Japan. This film, along with its sequel, Adieu Galaxy Express 999, made a huge impression on me.

But the question is, does it still hold up?

This planet is also me. It is half of my own heart. We're different, but both are myself. )
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I think for everyone who has an interest in reading, there's a book that always sits in the back of the mind. Whenever a new book is read, that one book is conjured in the head, simply because those are the themes and archetypes you relate to the most. For me, it's always been Alice in Wonderland. Every creative work I read or watch, Alice is always in the back of my head, and I see her in the heroes of my books. Most recently, The Brothers Karamazov, in which Dostoevsky had a note about how readers have a hard time seeing Alyosha as the hero of the novel. I could even take this back to RahXephon, where a character like Ayato was more of an observer in a new world.

Alice in Wonderland is a story of an absurd world, one that people have a difficult time categorizing. And I've discovered that when people have a hard time categorizing something, they desperately want to categorize it. Take nearly every film adaptation of Alice's adventures. What is a world with no meaning becomes a world fraught with meaning. There was a TV special where Wonderland was created simply to help Alice gain self-esteem so she could sing in front of an audience. Alice's journey has no tangible rewards. Her journey is of reflection and observing, possibly allowing herself to further understand who she is. Through not understanding, she comes to an understanding.

Down the rabbit hole . . . )
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According to William Mason and W.S.B. Mathews, "Music is Mind expressed in tones." On the nature of music study, they note, "Music consists of three kinds of motion, or of motion in three planes - motion in Time (measure and rhythm); motion in Pitch (melody and harmony); and motion in Intensity (fluctuations of intensity, as in loud and soft). These motions are capable of almost endless combinations with each other, and it is by means of them that mind expresses itself in tones."

Through motion, time, harmony and intensity, the viewer is allowed a peek into Ayato's unconscious realm, where the remnants of a haunting memory reside. But is he lost in the process of retrieving it?

No one knows me. )


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